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JLS-700 Light Alloy Wheel Radial Impact Testing Machine


JLS-700 Light Alloy Wheel Radial Impact Testing Machine 

Standard Executed:
QC/T211-1996 Test method for light alloyed wheel of Motorcycle and Portable Motorcycle
QC/T212-1996 Aluminium alloy Integrated wheel Universal technique condition of Motorcycle and Portable Motorcycle
GB/T6147-92 Requirement to packing, packing sign, transportation technique of testing machine 

Main application:
It is composed of load frame, measuring parameters displayed Unit, Strong lectricity control Unit, Test bracket, etc. The load frame use double columns structure. The motor is up setting. The impact pendulum is taking to requested height by steel wire. The height is collected by photoelectric coder. Twice display the height value which can be read directly to ssure the accuracy and reliability of test data.
The release of impact pendulum adopts pneumatic control, and setting safety pin.
Impact pendulum is self-locking in normal condition. When air pressure meets requirement, instantly release by manually control the button on control box to omplete impact, the device is safe and reliable. Impact pendulum equipped with twice impact device to realize twice impact towheel. Strong electricity control Unit drives motor and pneumatic parts. Safety cover guarantees the safe of operator.


TypeInfo: Testing Machine

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