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Product manager of Zhifeng coating thickness gauge

Job responsibilities:

Be responsible for the overall planning and product operation of the coating thickness gauge product line, as well as the overall promotion of the market and sales, and be responsible for the business performance indicators (revenue, payment collection and profit) of the product line.

1. Organize market research, timely understand market demand, and plan product route based on market demand to ensure product vitality and sustainable success;

2. Strategically upgrade and optimize products, organize technical departments and production departments to realize products, and ensure that new products enter the market on time;

3. Formulate product marketing strategies, including publicity, promotion strategies, pricing strategies, marketing activities and new product release, to ensure the success of the product in the market.

4. Carry out internal and external communication and resource integration around the development of product line.


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronic engineering, automation, electromechanical and other majors;

2. More than five years experience in product operation or market sales in the field of mechanical and electrical industrial products;

3. Have relevant experience in market research, marketing planning, marketing promotion and user sales;

4. Self driving, good organization and coordination ability, good at getting things done;

5. Excellent candidates can directly be the general manager of the division.


Production process engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Design the product process: design the process scheme and process flow according to the product requirements; Formulate production and assembly process cards, determine assembly lines, assembly stations and working hours; Product process improvement; Track the process execution status of the production workshop, and put forward optimization and adjustment opinions for unreasonable processes

2. Product internal test: carry out the system test at the post development stage of the access product, including the function, performance and reliability of the product; Prepare test plan, prepare test plan, prepare test report and evaluate quality

3. Implement pilot test of new products: formulate pilot test plan of new products; Track each process of pilot test; Participate in product finalization; Prepare and implement pilot test plan, assist in prototype trial production and small batch trial production

4. Control product quality: solve various problems that may occur in the production site; Control the repair rate of products within the warranty period

5. Product improvement: improve the defects of existing products; Research and design product processing methods to improve efficiency and quality; Rationalization proposal handling

6. Take targeted measures to effectively monitor the process implementation of the production department


Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in electronics or machinery;

2. More than 2 years working experience in the same position, with process experience in machinery manufacturing plant, and instrument process management experience is preferred;

3. Familiar with product design principle and process flow, can use CAD;

4. Familiar with the process, working principle and key control points of product production; Familiar with technical application knowledge of products and production process; Understand process management methods and tools; Strong written expression ability; Strong ability to find and solve problems;

5. Work seriously, be able to communicate, and be good at thinking in the position of others;

6. Strong sense of responsibility, team consciousness, good at learning, do things without delay.


Robot field application engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for technical research and development, application programming and debugging of system integration application scheme.

2. Provide on-site technical guidance, customer training and application fault handling.

3. Prepare system debugging documents, project operation instructions, etc.


Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in mechatronics, mechanical engineering and electrical automation.

2. Have 1-2 years of robot on-site debugging experience, be familiar with the operation of at least - brands of robots, and can independently complete the system configuration, application programming and tool calibration of robots.

3. Good communication skills, can adapt to frequent business trips, bear work pressure, be good at learning, have a high sense of responsibility and dedication, and have a team spirit.

4. Experience in welding related integration projects or weld tracking and off-line programming is preferred.


HR generalist

Job requirements:

1、 Recruitment module

1. Be responsible for planning, developing, selecting, expanding, maintaining and eliminating recruitment channels, selecting effective recruitment channels according to job differences, ensuring the amount of talent information and ensuring that recruitment channels can effectively meet the company's employment needs;

2. According to the existing staffing and business development needs, assist leaders to formulate recruitment plans, summarize the number of job requirements and personnel requirements, and implement recruitment plans;

3. Regularly update the recruitment information of each recruitment website, do a good job in the company's image publicity, search and screen the resumes of the required positions, determine the interview list and notify the candidates for the interview, score the candidates for the preliminary examination, issue comprehensive evaluation opinions, and organize the employing department to conduct a second examination to ensure that the interview work is carried out in a timely manner and the assessment results meet the requirements of the post;

4. Be responsible for establishing the enterprise talent pool (tracking and collecting the talent trends of the same industry), and establishing and maintaining the talent evaluation question bank of the job;

5. Follow up the probation period of new employees, timely understand the work situation and psychological status of new employees, and ensure that new employees can adapt to their jobs in an orderly manner;


2、 Training module

1. Assist in organizing and arranging various training activities, such as special training camps for cadres, collecting training materials and making statistics on training results;


3、 Employee relations module

1. Handle the procedures of staff entry, employment confirmation, transfer, reward and punishment, and resignation;

2. Strictly implement the attendance system, be responsible for checking the attendance, compensatory leave, leave and overtime of employees, and summarize and submit for approval according to the company's regulations; 

3. Other work arranged by the leader.


Job requirements:

1. Major in human resources, psychology, science and engineering, bachelor degree or above, understand all modules of human resources;  

2. Recruitment experience in industrial enterprises or recruitment experience in R & D and production line workers is preferred;

3. Open and outgoing, with excellent oral expression, communication and writing skills;  

4. Practical and serious work, diligent in thinking and creative;  

5. Strong organization and coordination ability, team spirit and dedication;

6. Proficient in Excel operation.


Sensor manufacturing experimenter
Job requirements:

1. Design the product process: design the process scheme and process flow according to the product requirements; Formulate production and assembly process cards, determine assembly lines, assembly stations and working hours; Product process improvement; Track the process execution status of the workshop, and put forward optimization and adjustment opinions for unreasonable processes;

2. Product internal test: carry out system test at the stage after product development, prepare test plan, test the function, performance and reliability of products, and issue internal test report;

3. Implement product pilot test: formulate a pilot test plan for crystal production, track all processes of the pilot test, participate in product finalization, prepare and implement the pilot test plan, carry out prototype trial production and small batch pilot production, and the main work includes circuit board welding, mechanical assembly, sensor commissioning, etc;

4. Control product quality: solve various problems that may occur on the production site; Control the repair rate of products within the warranty period;

5. Responsible for the inspection and warehousing of the developed sensors;

6. Be responsible for operation training for production personnel


Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in machinery, electronics, automation, etc;

2. Experience is not limited. Experience in workshop, laboratory and production line is preferred. Experience in manufacturing precision instruments and sensors is preferred;

3. Familiar with product design principle and process flow, can use CAD;

4. Proficient in circuit board welding;

5. Strong hands-on ability, good at mechanical assembly;

6. Love to think, like to study, do things seriously without delay, and be good at thinking in your own place;

7. Extroverted, patient, careful, good communication skills, able to quickly integrate into the team and obey the work arrangement.


Overseas sales engineer

Job requirements:

1. Responsible for the overseas market research, industry information collection, sorting and analysis of welding and cutting equipment related products of times;

2. Plan and implement overseas product promotion and market planning activities related to era welding and cutting equipment;

3. Establish and develop overseas customers, expand and maintain overseas sales channels, and achieve sales objectives;

4. Organize resources to provide technical solutions for users and cooperate with relevant departments to complete pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.


Job requirements:

1. Major in international trade, English, etc. having been engaged in the export business of mechanical and electrical products for more than 2 years is preferred, or major in science and engineering such as machinery and electromechanical, with English level above CET-6, having been engaged in export work for more than 1 year is preferred, and science and Engineering background is preferred;  

2. Strong planning, control, communication, coordination and execution ability

3. Strong market development ability, strong information mining ability and customer communication ability

4. Tough and strong pressure bearing capacity

5. High work enthusiasm and good team spirit


Sales Engineer

Job requirements:

1. Engineering background, bachelor degree or above.

2. More than 3 years of sales experience in petroleum and petrochemical industry, and experience in petroleum and petrochemical pipeline and tank inspection is preferred.

3. Have certain industry customer public relations ability and strong industry expansion ability.

4. Familiar with the project procurement process of petroleum and petrochemical industry, and have good customer resources in the above industries.

5. Understand the market situation in the field of testing in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, have experience in the sales of nondestructive testing equipment and certain professional skills in nondestructive testing.

6. Working experience in a third-party testing company is preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1. Full time NDT wall climbing robot business sales.

2. Industry sales: petroleum, petrochemical, special inspection (including third-party testing companies), power plants and other industries

Recruitment rules of times group botu (post)

He has a doctor's degree and is willing to enter the station to study for a doctor's degree, usually for 2 years. He will be given the treatment of working in the company after graduation. He can work in Beijing or Jinan according to his own wishes. He will also be provided with a registered permanent residence in Beijing, and the accumulated years of service.

Doctors in automation, electronic engineering, mechatronics, computer science, measurement and control technology are welcome to study.


Company advantages:

1. Provide competitive salary in the same industry;

2. Provide professional training, have good career development space and complete project assessment mechanism;

3. Provide meal allowance, full five insurances and one fund, paid annual leave, weekends and weekends, legal holidays, regular physical examination, public rental housing and other benefits;

4. The group has strong strength, broad platform and perfect training system.




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