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Outstanding high-tech products, Reassuring quality, Let you satisfied service
Cultural concept

Cultural concept

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The word "culture", was first made in 1992 on the road to The Times, May 5 commentator in one of age culture and thinking.Since then, the era culture and thinking of # 2, # 3, 4, published, lu until December 25, 1992, the "dragon will" company year-end GanBuHui (era), Peng Weimin, chairman of the characteristics, the core of its culture and has made the comprehensive elaboration.Time for our colleagues era culture began to have the cognition of the contour.In succession, age culture has been in the social, natural and unrestrained President Peng Weimin, age three moves, Wang Xiaolan - create splendid life.
Regardless of the press, the theoretical circle and the relevant departments, the age culture has given sufficient understanding and high evaluation.It is widely believed that: age hardness tester made China industrial test, the era of "culture" is affecting, infection with Chinese business "ideology", summarized its occurrence, development process, both inside and outside is especially important to the company.
Era culture is generalization and summarization of the company act.
Development tenet, self design, work together, to create excellence

Self design fully reflects the company in the competition ability, creative and infinite vitality, lost self design also loses the charm of the company.Company advocates the overall behavior self design and promote department, every person, every job design itself, self design provides the aspirants talent and release energy, also gives every time people a overachieving stage and space.
We are not perfect, and that excellence is a home to return to of behavior, the satisfaction of creating excellence is the highest mental enjoyment, excellence is emerge in endlessly, never-ending, more than one height, show in front of new high again.Time inc in play each person's autonomy - "self design" at the same time, and with its effective management system, enterprise culture constraints, guide their behavior consciously steering is consistent, so as to create excellence.
Build division principle - the state department of science and technology, the industry department, export department

High-tech enterprise must be based on the high-tech products, the department of science and technology are made.Company has always been the technical innovation strategy as the basic strategy of enterprise development.In the process of industrial development and the product development process, the company will be "domestic first-class, the world's advanced", "not only, but for the first" as a development goal, continuously develop high technology value-added products with independent intellectual property rights.For mature products, the company, accelerate the pace of industrialization era company believes, as the industry's economic entity, must meet the industrial scale, the enterprise won't be able to grow and develop.
At the same time, the company will also be a toehold overseas, introduce outstanding products to foreign friends, to participate in the international economic circulation, high-tech industry economic entity must go abroad, towards the world and participate in the competition of the international market.
Practice has proved that era companies rely on "science and technology division, industry division, export state department", rely on technological innovation, the progress of science and technology industry, expand enterprise's path is completely correct.

Quality policy - outstanding high technology products, reassuring quality, make you satisfied service

"Outstanding high-tech products" is the tenet of the company product development time, the domestic first-class, the world's advanced high technology products has always been a focal point of the company, times the company's products in the domestic and foreign outstanding always fluctuate.
"Reassuring quality" is the aim of the company's production time, quality is the life of the product, is the key to the user's trust, users trust, quality products will be in an impregnable position.
"Let you satisfied service" is the nature of the work, the time that no user, no company, no career progress and development.Era to the company's service is to help users solve problems, difficulties and confusion, company requirements: for the user services for small things and not to, also can't because things bother than for it.
"Outstanding high technology products, reassuring quality, make you satisfied service" is the company's quality policy, time and times of the company's lifeline, all colleagues of the company request to them throughout the development, production, sales and service, etc. All the work.


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