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● Actively participate in the construction of national key projects and contribute to economic construction

✓ times welding equipment actively participates in the national key construction century projects such as West to east gas transmission, West to East power transmission, Three Gorges project, South to North Water Transfer, etc; It has contributed to the construction or renovation of nearly 10 Olympic venues such as the bird's nest, the water cube, the National Stadium, and the Five Pines basketball stadium.

✓ times ultrasonic flaw detector participated in the construction of the national swimming pool "Water Cube" Olympic Stadium, and played an important role in the construction of key large-scale Olympic projects.  


● Take responsibility bravely and pursue the sustainable development of the enterprise

✓ while creating profits, the times is responsible for the interests of shareholders and employees, always abiding by business ethics, production safety, occupational health, saving resources, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

✓ actively assume the economic responsibility, moral rules and legal responsibilities of the enterprise, and take the responsibility of operating according to law, paying taxes according to regulations, expanding employment and pursuing the sustainable development of the enterprise.

✓ during the SARS campaign in 2003, he made many free donations, and launched the rapid response mechanism and the global supply guarantee system to provide nearly 10000 infrared thermometers for the society.

✓ organized employees to donate clothes to the disaster area for many times, and the company donated money to the capital volunteer foundation.

✓ after the "5 · 12" Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the people of the times took active actions and launched a donation activity within the enterprise for the first time to raise money to support the disaster area. At the same time, it also actively contacted the post disaster reconstruction construction unit and donated welding machines for post disaster reconstruction and prevention of secondary disasters.

In 2008, it was jointly awarded the title of "charity star" by the China children's and children's foundation, China Women's development foundation and the leading group office for the preparation of China Women's and children's Museum.

✓ in 2009, the times infrared screening instrument fully ensured the strict control of the influenza A (H1N1) epidemic in the country.

✓ in 2010, donated money to the earthquake stricken area of Yushu, Qinghai.

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