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Adhere to technological innovation and practice "created in China"


Era since the company was founded, it determines the "state department of science and technology" of principle, and always adhere to the technological innovation strategy, in line with the domestic first-class, the world's advanced ideas of product development, research and development of invest a lot of money each year to launch new products with high added value, high market share.Time to grasp the development, technological innovation ability of the product, put forward to develop the domestic first-class, the world's advanced high-tech products, on the basis of digesting and absorbing the foreign advanced products achieve their innovation, formed a "digestion, absorption, innovation, leading international, foreign tracking, to be single champion" the integrity of the process."Maintain innovation does not relax, let the thing south north wind", this reflects Generations never meet the spirit of innovation, it is the age of people set up the deep experience in the process of enterprise independent innovation mechanism. zz


U sound technical innovation system
Set up "one center, two levels of development, three levels" of technology innovation system."One center" refers to the company's technology center, "two levels of development" refers to the development and market research topic in advance the necessary commercial development, research and development of "three levels" refers to the layer layer, commercial development and technology improvement.
Company development system project review committee, product design, product development department, production department, technical committee and technical center office and other departments do their job, different division of labor, for product development.

Formed in 2000 by the state personnel department awarded the enterprise post-doctoral mobile stations of substation age group, give full play to the carrier function of postdoctoral workstation of science and technology, is the important platform of technology innovation era company.Currently has introduced 11 carrier training for enterprise development, especially in the development of products with independent intellectual property rights of technology innovation work, the construction of high-level talent has played an important role.

Taken the implementation of production engineering
Company has always been committed to the implementation of the production, engineering, successively with tsinghua university, north China university of technology, zhejiang university, a number of domestic famous universities and research institutes for technical cooperation, especially with tsinghua university jointly built since the intensity of "tsinghua university experimental base", joint development of a lot of topics, solved the testing instrument, electric welding machine, testing machine industry, the main challenges facing the company product development with leading edge technology at home and abroad all the time, always in the domestic leading position.

Taken the "outstanding high-tech products" is the company's development objectives. 
Product development has always been the source of company development, time inc, on the one hand, by introducing, digesting and absorbing international advanced technology, to achieve leapfrog development, on the other hand through the self-developed core technology, walk the road of independent innovation, at present, the era of the company is gradually realize the product development of "innovation, quality, seriation, efficient, green".

Taken the exploitation of the patent strategy and standards
The company implement the strategy of intellectual property rights.Companies leading products applied for national patent;Company attaches great importance to the standard work, successively presided over to the state, industry, local standard system revision work, occupied the commanding heights of the technology, has lead the industry's "voice" from now on.

Taken the information platform
Comprehensive application of two-dimensional CAD auxiliary design, CAPP technology support, realize the CAD, CAPP figure out rate of 100%, shorten the development cycle product design...Application of ERP system, realized the financial centered, integrated production, supply and sales business, realize information, logistics and cash flow management to improve the working efficiency.

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