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Recruitment process

Recruitment process

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1, employee welfare issues
Q1: about social insurance and housing accumulation fund age group is how to do?
Answer: the age group, fully in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and Beijing social insurance and housing accumulation fund to conform to the relevant provisions of pay employees pay 5 risk 1 gold.
Q2: in addition to social insurance and housing accumulation fund to the welfare of any other age group?
 age group, free for employees with sunshine breakfast and lunch nutrition;
 company free health checks for new employee benefits;
 company internal departments organize regular tourist activities;
 company to meet the requirements of Beijing's one-child related staff provide only child welfare funds;
 company to meet the requirements of Beijing's one-child related staff, provides the commercial medical insurance;
 company such as badminton, basketball, table tennis and football club, we regularly organize various activities.
Q3: how is the employee paid annual leave of the company?
A: age group fully in accordance with the labor law related regulations of the state provides employee paid annual leave.

2, Work time problem
Q1: how is the age group of working time?
Answer: the age group and its subsidiaries implement standard work five days a week, 7.5 hours of work every day, every day go to work time is 12:00 8:30 am - 13:00 PM - 17:00.Special posts shall be separately agreed upon.
Q2: age group is often have to work overtime?
Answer: the age group with the person this, has a loose work environment and harmonious working atmosphere, we encourage employees happy, healthy life, reasonable distribution of the work, the less overtime.

3, career development issues
Q1: how age group employee career development plan?
A: age group career development is a multi-channel mode:
2, campus recruitment
Recruitment process:

1, registered permanent residence problem
Q1: age group can solve the graduate registered permanent residence?
A: age group is the zhongguancun high-tech enterprises, can to do well the fresh graduates to apply for each year into Beijing, due to the limited places, we will sign according to the priorities and internship performance merit to declare.
Q2: foreign students from colleges and universities graduates can apply for a capital account?
Answer: according to the Beijing capital index, the relevant provisions of the foreign colleges and universities must be 211 key school can apply for master degree graduates into Beijing.

2, salary welfare issues
With the social recruitment content

3, housing problems
Q1: age group can be the solution for the fresh graduates to provide accommodation?
A: considering the out-of-town graduates in Beijing is not familiar with, age group could be considered foreign graduates in the age of just join group provide accommodation for the first two months of this year, two months to find rent house to move out in a timely manner.

4, working time
With the social recruitment content

5, career development problems
With the social recruitment content

3, recruitment requirement information

According to the current demand choice of the recruitment information released according to the priority level.

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