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Era instrument industry to participate in 2014 in Henan Casting Association Annual Conference

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April Luoyang, scent the air, crowds, guests gathered. Casting Association organized by Henan 2014 China Luoyang Peony Festival at April 1 at Luoyang Grand Hotel kicked off. Forging industry friends from both inside and outside Henan Province gathered to witness the pace of Henan Casting Industry Endeavour sonorous.
Because of Luoyang occupies a pivotal position in the development of heavy industry in Henan Province, and will also coincides with the period of the 32nd China Luoyang Peony Festival, so the annual meeting particularly lively, subject to the parties concerned, there are more than 100 participating enterprises, Nearly 300 people, the number of exhibitors, the number of associated companies Casting has increased dramatically in the last year basis.
Conference room in the corridor, due on my company's booth showcased Leeb hardness tester, ultrasonic flaw detector, vibration meter, roughness and other new products, meeting in front of the booth is also full of people intermittently, has received special attention, of course, There are old friends, new friends are also on the development of our age group is also full of hope, hope that age group can produce excellent quality products for the development of casting and forging industry to make greater contributions.
Through this exhibition, let me see the rapid development of the industry, casting and forging industry, intense competition in the industry, casting and forging industry is creating a dream business, but also a Ebb Tide industries, products are updated every year, the quality demands increasingly higher. Of course, through this exhibition, I deeply feel the brand's important to do at the show in addition to the product of our times, like Beijing Raflatac, age aspect, and many small businesses are also involved. It makes us think, in this era of rampant homogeneity, in order to prolong the life of a product market, strengthen the competitiveness of the market, must give this product into a certain culture, the world's only eternal is culture, as Our contemporary culture as "an outstanding high-tech products, the quality is assured, so you satisfied with the service."
Despite the less time we display products, but the overall effect is very good, popular, especially new products by our customers love that age group's innovation capacity is relatively strong, but the service is not as good as before, I hope we Services can be more timely and really can do "outstanding high-tech products, it is quality assured, so you satisfied with the service."

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