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Commission by letter held“Beijing Enterprise Technology Center Quality Brand combat training will”

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March 31, the Beijing Municipal Commission by letter held a "Beijing Enterprise Technology Center Quality Brand combat training will be" at the Beijing Conference Center, more than a hundred representatives from various companies across the country participated in the training, quality control late Pearl Group deputy ministers the training.
First of all, by the Beijing Economic and Information Technology Commission launched the "Chinese industrial enterprises worldwide reputation for quality commitment Initiative" campaign, Science and Technology Department Director Lin Shaofu Beijing at the meeting highlighted the quality and credibility of commitment and self-activity requirements. And then by the well-known quality brand experts, former Huawei spokesman for Mr. Fu Jun, Huawei's quality brand-building experiences to share, talked about the Huawei from creation to the rapid increase of the major process and turnaround, quality is the key to brand building, that is the brand quality, brand-dependent mass, the crisis is also a turning point, to quickly respond to rapid decision-making, in order to achieve a rapid increase in layman's language, humorous speaking delegates won applause.
This training is the Commission by letter jointly with the Beijing Quality Association, Beijing increased information quality brand building. Quality brand has become more and more the focus of outstanding enterprises in different industries, different stages of the development of enterprises, can have different approaches, but this aspect of successful business leaders are driven, organized, planned promote, through the adoption of effective measures, methods, and constantly improve.

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