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Swagger to move forward for a better new era

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Chairman text / Times Group Peng Weimin

    Members Times colleagues
    Hello everyone
    Dragon eagerly wagging tail away rabbit, dragon Chinese New Year is approaching, on behalf of the company, responsible to a year to work on their best times of quiet dedication of employees to express my heartfelt thanks! During the holiday season stick to production line workers extend cordial greetings brothers! To care, understanding, support the families of the era of career employees paid tribute!
2011 is a memorable year, every day of the year companies are changing era, are on the move. This year, the company is about to enter the first 28 years, if the conversion of adult life, is the most vibrant and full of energy of youth, in my eyes, the era of the big boys like a twenty-seven-year-old, energetic, highly motivated!
Last year, in order to better achieve the optimal allocation of resources, the company implemented a strategic adjustment, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, the Beijing economic cooperation between the two places, the integration of their respective strengths to maximize resources and achieve strong combination. These changes are identified with the era of progress gather talents.
2011, the era of encouraging results, we have obtained the China Machinery Industry ninth consecutive 500 title, quality management achievements of these are inseparable from the efforts of colleagues with the times, this is the honor of all the times people!
2012, New Year weather, of course, we have to embark on a new journey. Looking back very happy and proud, look to the future with confidence and hope. 2012, we will continue to fine management, optimization team to improve efficiency for the purpose, focus on improving the brand image and cultivate more talents, achieve rapid development.
Times colleagues: There is a feeling called responsibility; there is an act called the march; There is a development called Innovation; there is a pursuit called beyond. The extraordinary things done classic; simple things done wonderful. Let us wish the era of vigorous development and prosperity! Glory!
Finally, I wish you good health, success in work, happiness, family fun, Year of the Dragon down!
Thank you!

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