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April China's manufacturing PMI rebounded to 53.3 percent for five consecutive months

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China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and the National Bureau of Statistics Service Sector Survey Center released in April China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 53.3 percent, up 0.2 percentage points. The index has experienced five consecutive months after the rebound, already higher than the same period last year, showing good economic growth has stabilized to the basic trend.

From 11 sub-index, compared to the previous month, the index of production, new export orders index, supplier delivery time index increased, including the production index rose by a big margin, reaching 2 percentage points; employees index was flat; the remaining 7 index fell, including new orders index, purchasing volume index fell less in less than a percentage point.

For April manufacturing PMI survey, the industry analyst analysis: "April PMI index continued to increase, but the magnitude is significantly reduced; new orders index fell These cases show signs of economic stabilization and gradually obvious, but there is still some. uncertainty. orders reflect market demand conditions, a quarter of exports, investment and consumption growth are significantly lower compared with a year earlier, April PMI index of finished goods inventory index fell 1.3 points, purchasing volume index fell 0.4 points, indicating destocking activities continue. affected by changes in demand is expected to continue to reduce future economic growth is still possible. stable investment growth, stable demand growth has become the key to stable economic growth. "
     Production index rebounded faster. This month the production index was 57.2 percent, up two percentage points.

     The new export orders index rose steadily, imports fell. This month the new export orders index was 52.2%, 0.3 percentage point rise from last month.

     This month the import index was 50.5%, down one percentage point.

     Raw materials inventory index declined. Raw materials inventory index this month was 48.5%, down one percentage point.

     The purchase price index down. This month the purchase price index was 54.8%, down 1.1 percentage points.

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