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Times Group CEO Wang Xiaolan person in charge of private enterprises to participate in the forum and make speeches

Number of visits: Date:2013-05-22

May 17 afternoon, for the further implementation of the central decision-making on promoting institutional reforms and functional changes in the deployment of the National Development and Reform Commission to convene some private business executives held a forum. Vice Minister of the Central United Front Work Department Quan Zhezhu, vice chairman of the National Federation of Huang Rong, Xu Shaoshi the National Development and Reform Commission and three vice-chairmen and 12 Secretaries attended the meeting, and heard in the process of how the market economy for private enterprises to create better policy environment and legal environment of the comments and suggestions. Times Group President Wang Xiaolan made a statement and some other responsible persons on the transformation of government functions, to accelerate innovation-driven and so on. In his speech, Minsheng Bank Dong Wenbiao suggested that the state should focus on some areas of financial risk is increasing, mainly the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta; part of the industry risk is increasing, mainly shipbuilding, automobiles, coal, steel, real estate and logistics industry, some provinces City revenue slowed sharply, government financing platform gradually go wrong. The current serious shortage of demand for loans entities, suggested that the state determined to help solve the problem of enterprise transformation Yangtze River, to help small and micro enterprises predicament, and recommended the establishment of the China Investment (China Private Investment Alliance) to overseas mergers and acquisitions group. Jun Li River (National Federation Vice President, Hina Holding Group Chairman) believes that the key point is to master the development of new energy technologies, not just to the market; Yonghao (New Hope Group chairman) talked about earlier swine and avian flu and other issues ; Li (Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd.) to talk about overseas mergers and acquisitions should be revised regulatory issues; Zheng Yuewen (Creat Group chairman) talked about financial reform and other issues; scale discrimination Wang Xiaolan president shared his main SMEs, ownership discrimination , inadequate protection and other issues, their views being led appreciated. National Development and Reform Commission Director Xu in response to all entrepreneurs to speak, especially proposed to support private development, and introduced the National Development and Reform Commission recently proposed for the four work, including further cancellation of part of the administrative examination and approval authority, according to the country to promote the deployment of seven reforms, including administrative approval, taxation (camp changed to increase property taxes), finance, resources, commodity prices, investment and financing system, urbanization and social management system. To the implementation of 36 non-public third-party assessment. In addition, the Director Xu also emphasized: ① current, counter-cyclical adjustments to the enterprise a lot of pressure, but the opportunity is also here. ② to digest excess capacity. For some serious trade surplus still on the project, will be halted, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, automobiles, ships, these five industries no longer on the new project, the project will be cessation of illegal construction, approved the first building on the expertise, side edge of the construction of the project will be approved to stop (Note: This should be the question we are concerned, in the grounds of some customers to funding constraints, we have to understand the situation the client project funding approval). Around the serious problem of overcapacity first clean up, and then were processed by the National Development and Reform Commission to develop the overall program and the Ministry of Industry.

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