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Grasping fine management reinforce the cornerstone of enterprise development

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"Fine management" is reflected in the form of production organization in the world of advanced enterprise level, directly reflect the company's production management level; This is the era of the company in recent years has been adhered to and focus on promoting the work.

We have implemented various industries in the whole group of the production process "zero defect", "production orders", "zero inventory" and other standardized, lean production management, the purpose is to maximize the optimization of the production processes and management processes, eliminate imperfect enterprise management system, procedures are not careful, the implementation is not in place and so on.

  Vigorously promote zero inventory and orders to pull

 Implementation of the "zero inventory" management, not only can reduce the amount of funds used to accelerate the turnover rate, but also to improve the program, and enhance manufacturing capacity, accelerate the marketing advance. A decision may be driven by progress in the work, through the implementation of "zero inventory", the working efficiency of our respective industries will be greatly improved.

Order is the key to pulling zero inventory. We must change the past "no inventory will affect sales," the habit of thinking, to realize that a lot of inventory is a waste of resources, it will affect the sales order, let alone increase inventory at the time funds are tight.

Orders pulling bring progress management sales team. After the era of on-line instrumentation industry ERP systems, lean production work to be continued forward, pulling the gradual implementation of orders, production and logistics to promote more smoothly running efficient, it also brings sales efficiencies. Experience is worth the whole group promotion.
   We should recognize, extend the delivery period not solve the zero inventory and timely delivery method, the order to pull production system that requires us to have a fast delivery time, improve the planned level, accelerate manufacturing speed. Among them, the ability to respond flexibly production system needs to be solved.

  Attention and improve physical quality and timely delivery rates

How to improve the timely delivery rate, we need to study, brainstorming, discussing the problems, and then propose a series of solutions to the problem.

Physical product quality problems, the company has been through grasping the ISO9000 era to enhance the physical quality of the data for each year the industry has greatly improved. But these is not enough, we need to strengthen the comprehensive quality management by continuously improve the physical quality of the era of the product.

  To promote and implement comprehensive in-depth and meticulous management

 In the era of the company, in addition to the fine management requirements do fine management of the production process, but also do financial fine budget management to eliminate "trouble" emotional. Refinement of management is to strengthen the standardization of sales contracts, sales and technical training regulations of (quantified training time, good training materials, training of teachers selected).

Fine management also requires us to all aspects of work are meticulous, including the development of the system in terms of personnel, project schedule, project quality, file archiving and transfer of technology standardization, meticulous, persistence.

Refinement of management is to implement a new system of personal responsibility to act, we should each person daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual work are all clear, and follow.

Fine person, to rough it, constantly refining, constantly sum up, carefully selected in order to find solutions to solve the problem of quasi; fine person, nuanced also, the poor of their root causes, from coarse and fine, outside to the inside, in order to find things intrinsically linked and laws. Thus, the "fine" is a necessary process of refinement, "fine" is the natural result of the fine, but the fine should be included in the practice of business management process and to advance the concept of innovation is its inevitable way.

Practice has proved that the era of the company to implement refined management, not only solidified the foundation of enterprise development, enhance the company's strength, but also enhance and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, the era of product on the market performance is more strong, the era of brand influence and improve !

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