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State financial subsidies good smart instrumentation

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   National arrangements for R & D subsidies

Three ministries had in 2011 organized the intelligent manufacturing equipment development projects, supporting auto automated welding, application development and demonstration of coal mining equipment, airport baggage sorting and other major intelligence outfits, and achieved the expected results. On this basis, the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment in 2012 will focus on promoting special development and application of innovative intelligent manufacturing outfit in the manufacturing sector, strengthen research and development, application and industrialization of intelligent monitoring and control devices and to promote smart technology and intelligent manufacturing systems in the National Applied Economic focus areas. For the audit project through, the state will arrange appropriate research grant funds under the specific circumstances of the project, the state subsidies in principle, 50% subsidy users, 50% subsidy manufacturer.

    Good mechanical and military sectors

Liang Wan, chief analyst at a Fortune chapter that the future development of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry space and a huge market space, its core competence is mainly reflected in the key infrastructure components, intelligent instrumentation and control systems, CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, intelligent dedicated equipment such as four fields. Smart key support equipment manufacturing sub-sectors are: smart instrumentation and control systems, key components and common components, intelligent dedicated equipment, high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, complete sets of automated production lines. As can be seen from the annex "intelligent manufacturing equipment development special 2012 Implementation Guide", industry-specific involve very much. For A shares, machinery, high-end equipment manufacturing, instrumentation, automotive, military, these plates will get real and direct positive.

    Financial support will be increased

He spoke of "Twelve Five" period, financial support for research and development of intelligent equipment will continue to increase, the first set's first national nature of the products will be 25% --30% subsidy, the maximum subsidy of 50%, intelligent manufacturing equipment is one of the key directions of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.


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