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Premier Wen Wang Xiaolan CEO Zhongguancun research and speak at the forum

Number of visits: Date:2012-12-18

December 13, Premier Wen Jiabao made a special trip to go to Zhongguancun conduct research to understand the business development and independent innovation demonstration zone in the Zhongguancun demonstration center and part of the Zhongguancun business executives in a meeting. Wen Jiabao pointed out: "fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity and play corporate technology officer, is still an important task of restructuring our technology to give enterprises and scientific and technical personnel to create conditions for development, including the fair market environment, strong policy support and encouragement. innovative social atmosphere, respecting the spirit of independent thinking and innovation inventor. "

Beijing Association for the people, Times Group President Wang Xiaolan as a social organization representatives participated in the discussion and speak, emphasizing the Zhongguancun in the economic downward pressure 'scenery here is fine', the State Council approved the gratifying sight policy to build national independent innovation demonstration zone in addition to bring outside the influence and driving force, as well as internal factors of its success. She pointed out:

"First, Zhongguancun rely on a large number of outstanding achievements in innovation-driven scientific and technological enterprises, Lenovo, Baidu, millet, etc. are one of the best. Secondly, the high degree of Zhongguancun market, the vast majority of companies are relying on independent in a competitive field innovation to win the market. third, Zhongguancun area of ​​social intermediary organizations are very active in the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee this little government guidance, the achievements of a large number of associations, alliances, incubator growth and development.

Zhongguancun social organization not only make 'entertain', it is through the government purchase of services into the community to participate in the public service system, and even spawned a new industry, namely technology services. Active in the Zhongguancun area of ​​forty Association, more than seventy Union, hundreds of entrepreneurial incubators, hundreds of angel investors in various ways for tens of thousands of enterprises in Zhongguancun provide related services, not only the National Innovation Model Policy landing zone effectively, but also makes the effects of these policies can be fermented. For example, Beijing has launched 68 policies to support the development of high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun Association co-organized more than 40 associations will specifically study one by one, and on this basis to the government proposed to implement the 90 recommendations of these policies, the city government has organized These recommendations are given on the relevant departments of the 78 responses, this process is to make the policy actually play a role in the process of landing. Another example is Beijing HKADPL spontaneous organization of more than 20 entrepreneurs in Zhongguancun commercial freelance as a mediator, specializing in mediation for commercial disputes enterprises in Zhongguancun, has successfully mediated a variety of commercial disputes 244, a success rate of 88 percent, the biggest subject of thousands of Wan, the minimum target of tens of thousands, mediation implementation rate of 100%. We often say, Zhongguancun, Zhongguancun is not the government's various associations Zhongguancun, but the government, enterprises, social organizations have participated, including government procurement, opening up public services such as laboratory construction work, literally became the soft environment construction of Zhongguancun the host. "

Speech, Wang Xiaolan also recommend to the Prime Minister to further improve the legislative work of social organizations, social organizations innovation management system, promote the establishment of political and social partnership, to provide for community participation in decision-making organization, to participate in the system channel management; hope relevant departments of the State Council, Zhongguancun, social organization here to conduct research, summarize and give full play to promote the Beijing municipal government experience in the role of social intermediary organizations for the next shift, and political and social reform accumulated experience of government functions.

After listening to speeches Wang Xiaolan Premier Wen said, "Zhongguancun society organizations active in development is a new topic, Zhongguancun rely on a large number of technical trading intermediary organizations to complete, how to better play the role of social organizations, sub-let market complete self-management, self-regulation, it is worth studying. government can not take on everything, the development of social organizations can play a very important role in regulating the major role of social organizations can implement different service functions to achieve coordination function for many companies. society organizations You can play the role of conduit between businesses and individuals to make this region to achieve social civilization, let people be more harmonious. "Premier Wen was also specifically asked relevant departments to further Zhongguancun, where the social organization of development research.


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