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Age Group re "Customer Satisfaction Enterprise" honor

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2-3 December 2010, the national implementation of Customer Satisfaction Project Promotion Conference was held in Kunming, from all walks of life of nearly 400 business representatives attended the meeting. At the meeting, Times Group company was "Customer Satisfaction Enterprise" title again, following 2007 was awarded this honor after (valid for three years) again won the award.

It is reported that the national implementation of customer satisfaction project is a national service quality assessment activities China Quality Association and the National Commission for the promotion of business users to improve service quality and market competitiveness, and promote all-round pursuit of customer satisfaction and business conducted. The meeting was chaired by deputy party secretary of China Association for Quality, the National Users Committee, deputy Ren fengrui  presided president of the China Quality Association Chen Bangzhu Yunnan Provincial Committee and Vice Governor Li Jiang, Yi Hui, director of the National Users Committee, Yunnan Province Quality and Technical supervision Bureau Li books and other leaders attended the meeting.

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