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Times welding robot industry division of work of the General Assembly held

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Robotics Division 2012 2013 year-end summary and working arrangements of the General Assembly on January 5, 2013 at the age group 2616 scheduled conference room, a year's effort in this day draw a full stop, but also opens up new year journey.
First, Li row department staff on 2012 years achievements, deficiencies and suggestions for departments to speak, and do a detailed review. In summing up the principles of the process, each person on their achievements are Cherishing such as gold, while the problems of the sector, the spirit of "open talk", "no discernible reason unknown, then do not say transparent" were elaborated triggered a deep thinking everyone's presence and lively discussion.
Finally Zhai always encouraged them in their prime, energetic, with years of strong technical expertise to fully tap their potential, take concrete actions to promote the rapid development of robotics division for the company's development and personal development display his talents.
Zhai total speech concise, but very depth and breadth, infection and called on the staff of every robot division here. We will be guided by the overall spirit of the speech Zhai, going all out, detailed plan to implement the 2013 work, achieve rapid development.

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