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Beijing Times instrument industry held in 2013 in Tianjin dealer will

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March 22, 2013, dealers will be successfully held in Tianjin in Tianjin Lihua Zhongshan Hotel. Invited 30 people to the meeting were 28. The participants are the core dealer in Tianjin, the platform introduces a peak of meeting the company's sales policy, product planning and Tianjin situation. Dealers are also eager to learn the content, so the high enthusiasm of the participants.
First, the total paid to the General Assembly speech, thanked everyone for their support of Time Inc.! Then introduced the era of the company's development plans and sales policies. From the era of the company's development history, the company's size, product planning and Times talked about the company's strategic goals, including small instrument platform of Time Inc., including sales policy. We know more about the era, but I believe the era also increased determination and Time Inc. cooperation.
Liu Tong introduced after the peak of the company's product mix portable instrument, model discontinued model and the main push. In layman's language so that we understand each series of each model selling point, how selection, each model which should push industries.
Then the test equipment company's technology business card Qijing Li Qi explained electronic universal testing machine, spring testing machine, high-end desktop machines, metallurgical, grinding and polishing, and other products. Allow participants to feel a lot of products and resources are now channels for doing laboratory equipment package is very favorable. Qi card explaining the very place, including the advantages of the product, the main push of the industry, success stories, and so on. Let the dealer added confidence.
Assaying Instruments Technical Sales Department Wang Xu Lei introduced the spring series products. Spring testing machine is the examination of the Instrument of competitive products, either technically or from the brand is the first choice of customers in the industry is very competitive.
Increase the confidence of the conference dealers, distributors strengthen cooperation and Tianjin areas.

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