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A quarter of Beijing's CPI rose 4.0% in March rose 3.7%

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Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, National Bureau of Investigation Corps Beijing April 17 jointly released data show that in March, Beijing's consumer prices rose 3.7%; in the first quarter, the consumer price index rose by 4.0% over the previous year.

Statistics show that eight categories overall index rose in March. Food prices rose 9.0 percent, including grain, oil, meat and poultry, seafood, and fresh vegetable prices rose 2.7%, respectively, 5.1%, 16.8%, 8.8% and 19.1%, eggs and fresh fruit prices were down 6.4% and 2.9%. Alcohol and tobacco prices rose 3.3%. Clothing prices rose 1.8 percent. Household equipment and maintenance services prices rose 3.3%. Health care and personal products prices rose 2.6%. Transport and communication prices rose 1.0%. Entertainment and educational products and services prices rose 1.0%. Housing prices rose 1.8%

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