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Path to upgrade our equipment manufacturing industries

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March 20, Jewson first honorary director of the China Special Adviser to the Committee of Experts on Machinery Industry Federation and invited the "Fujian machinery industry transformation and upgrading of public service and business performance management training" taught "China's equipment manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the path" course on the transformation of China's manufacturing equipment upgrade path made ​​a thematic elaboration.

He noted that the "second" Five is a critical period of China's manufacturing transformation equipment upgrades. Industrial restructuring is the transformation of development mode, accelerate the innovation-driven transformation to a green low-carbon, intelligent manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing transformation, driving the transition to domestic demand-led and consumption, achieved by the traditional path of industrialization to the new road to industrialization transformed; upgrade is fully optimized industry structure, technological structure, product structure, organizational structure, layout structure, promote the overall optimization of the industrial structure upgrading.

    He proposed industrial transformation and upgrading of the eight key tasks

    1、Enhance independent innovation capability

    2、Strengthening the technological transformation of enterprises

    3、Improve the level of industry and information technology

    4、Promotion of industrial green low-carbon development

    5、Implementation of quality and brand strategy

    6、Promote the coordinated development of large enterprises and SMEs

    7、Promote the coordinated development of regional industry

    8、Enhance the level and opening up

    And also proposed a six path of upgrading equipment manufacturing industries

    1、From production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing

    2、From manufacturing information to two of the depth of integration

    3、From imitation to innovation plagiarism

    4、From low-end to high-end equipment manufacturing production

    5、From massive industrial agglomeration economies to

    6、From extensive management to lean management

He stressed that the transformation and upgrading, restructuring the next decade will be the main theme of China's equipment manufacturing industry, green manufacturing, integration of manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing, ultra-normal manufacturing will become the development direction of China's manufacturing industry. Finally, he re-emphasized: to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the focus is to accelerate the development of modern manufacturing services; depth IT and the business integration; advance supply chain management optimization; develop high-end products and equipment; enhance industrial parks; implement green manufacturing; focus on the accumulation of technological capabilities; implement lean management.


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