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European machine tool industry out of the crisis and actively explore the Chinese market

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Recently, the Director General FilipGeerts European Industrial Cooperation Committee machines (CECIMO) in an interview analyzes the development of the European machine tool industry and the future development predicted.

Since the end of 2009, the European machine tool manufacturers to accept orders have been growing. The first half of 2010, the growth rate of almost 50% over the same period in 2009. Recent statistics show that although international orders grew at double-digit rates, but the growth had slowed down. Traditionally, the European machine tool industry is export-oriented, but Europe is still the industry's core customer support. Because the manufacturing sector has been an important part of the main driving forces and economic recovery of the European economy.

After the financial crisis, President Barack Obama that "the United States was to return to manufacturing" slogan, the Japanese government has also taken measures to control the machine tool industry mergers and acquisitions issues. In order to completely out of the crisis and to maintain a strong European industrial base, CECIMO taken also taken appropriate measures.

CECIMO reason is a leader in the machine tool industry association in the world, mainly due to its cutting technology and provide the perfect solution. In order to maintain a leading position in Europe and the development of manufacturing enterprises, the EU's decision-makers pledged to support the manufacturers issued a pioneering initiative to revitalize R & D capabilities and new solutions. Recently, the EU issued a series of initiatives, the key dynamic technologies (KET, Key Enabling Technologies) is one of them, its future products and improve service will play a very important role. As one of six KET advanced manufacturing system that can efficiently across sectors, environmental protection and sustainable production of products.

As the Chinese market, the main supplier of machine tools, CECIMO and China have established a good relationship. CECIMO good reputation is built on the basis of innovation and providing quality solutions for the manufacturing industry overseas above. CECIMO welcome without any regulations, administrative and procedural interference in the freedom of international trade rules, and to the detriment of efforts to break the implementation of the vendor and user interests policy.

More and more European manufacturers decide to China opened branch, thereby creating more value and provide more employment opportunities for the Chinese. Of course, by the latest technology also contributed to the modernization of Chinese products. CECIMO pledged to ensure respect for intellectual property rights, as any economy to achieve sustainable development, strengthening the protection of intellectual property is essential.

According to Filip Geerts forecast orders from the current dynamic judgment, in 2011 the European machine tool industry's production will be significantly better than 2010, but the industry in the near future will not go back to 2008 levels, the industry will maintain a balanced sustainable development. 


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