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Peng Weimin

Age group chairman of the board of directors of the company: Peng Weimin

Peng Weimin, master degree, senior engineer, the ninth and tenth CPPCC member of Beijing.Founded in 1984 age group company chairman today.Has won a silver medal of China science and technology industrialist ChuangYeJiang, China's outstanding private entrepreneurs, Hong Kong entrepreneurs "ZiJingHuaBei" outstanding achievement award of science and technology, Asian economic top ten most influential people, China - Chinese electromechanical industry top ten entrepreneurs influence, China's reform 30 years luminaries, private technology enterprises entrepreneurial 20th anniversary of entrepreneurial talent, the fifth light of science and technology outstanding entrepreneur, the first Beijing outstanding entrepreneurs, the national machinery industry outstanding entrepreneur, capital, labor medal, the second session of zhongguancun science park, many honors such as outstanding entrepreneurs.

Peng Weimin chairman has strong ability of management and organization plan ability, his contemporary entrepreneur's courage, boldness, counsel and courage, especially excellent management ability and the revitalization of China's industrial sense of mission and sense of responsibility, gradually to develop into age group has 2.2 billion yuan of assets, more than 30 branches, staff of nearly 3000 people, products involved in instrumentation, welding equipment, testing machine, power distribution automation, intelligent inverter, six major high-tech industry application software and condiment industry of high-tech industry economic entity.

Peng Weimin era, chairman of the leadership group has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, to become China's private technology, testing machine industry, welding industry's first through the certification of enterprise.Due to the age group of outstanding achievements, its management experience by revenue in 2001 "Beijing's economic reform, development and innovation practice books".At present age group testing instrument and inverter welding machine and other leading products have become the famous brand of Beijing.At present, the products have been sold to Europe, America, southeast Asia, more than 60 countries and regions.Era of domestic sales of the first welding inverter, the remarkable three gorges project, west-east gas, China sent, south-north water diversion project, the Olympic bird's nest, water cube and so on century projects, has played an important role.Age distribution and frequency automation products through the national research institutions in the certification test and itu authority appraisal, "Beijing municipal science and technology award" and other honors.Over the years, Peng Weimin chairman, led by the age group of the new technology industrial development experimental zone enterprises 8 consecutive years was named "top 10" enterprises, become the industry pioneer enterprise.Company successively won the "high-tech enterprises in China", "China machinery industry outstanding enterprises", "China's outstanding private technology enterprises", "national customer satisfaction product quality", "China top 500 enterprises of mechanical industry", "enterprise of Beijing economy, enterprise of China machinery industry influence," the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the zhongguancun prize for outstanding contribution enterprise "and so on a number of honor.

Wang Xiaolan

Age group, the company President: Wang Xiaolan

Wang Xiaolan, female, han nationality, born in April 1954, the communist party, a bachelor's degree, senior economist, the age group, the company President.
Wang Xiaolan CEO performance is outstanding, obtains "the 29th Beijing Olympic Games torch", "Chinese excellent private science and technology entrepreneurs", "the fifth light of science and technology outstanding entrepreneur", "outstanding contribution to the development of China's private science and technology outstanding entrepreneurs", "China machinery industry influential" top ten innovative entrepreneurs, and establish the quality management of mechanical industry "30 years of outstanding contribution award", "national worker", "China economic female achievement award", "capital women's outstanding", "zhongguancun 20 dah sing leading", "the park the 20th anniversary of the outstanding contribution award", "2010 Beijing municipal labor model" and other honors;And repeatedly won the Beijing outstanding entrepreneur of science and technology, Beijing haidian district outstanding party members, top ten model and so on the title.In 2009, in the zhongguancun science park, many elites, had been pushing for advisory committee, deputy director of the zhongguancun science park, entrepreneurs;In 2009 as a representative of the advanced model character of Beijing on floats in Beijing took part in the celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China mass parade celebration, and on the balcony to watch the mass performance on the night.In 2011 was awarded the "China's leading independent innovation for", and was hired as the zhongguancun mentors.

Wang Xiaolan of the CPPCC national committee, the Beijing municipal people's congress, the national federation of industry and participate in committee, vice President of the Beijing federation of industry and commerce, the zhongguancun science park association, chairman of the association and Beijing private science and technology industrialist association, China association of private science and technology industrialist, executive vice director, vice chairman of China council for the promotion of private science and technology, China association for science and technology national committee, the China association for science and technology of the 7th national committee, vice President of China association of machinery industry quality management, standing vice President of Beijing entrepreneurs association, director of the Beijing federation of industry and participate in the committee, member of the standing committee of the Beijing municipal federation of industry and commerce branch united front theory research association, zhongguancun entrepreneur advisory committee, deputy director of high QiXie standing director in haidian estate of zhongguancun science park and entrepreneur advisory committee, director of zhongguancun national innovation demonstration zone entrepreneur advisory board and entrepreneurs mundell international university visiting professor, few positive and make recommendations for the government, as a contribution to the development of private enterprises.

Wang Xiaolan, moreover, President of the industrialists' association, Beijing private technology universal significance leadership planning and put forward many effective measures for enterprise services, set up the people, entrepreneurs, consulting the panel cointegration theory research center, the enterprise HR club, the CTO club eight service platform, such as special organization zhongguancun open laboratory, the push to the enterprise as the main body of combination of innovation system construction, angel investment group zhongguancun entrepreneurs alliance, encourage innovation support entrepreneurship, widely acclaimed by the member units.Presided over a number of topics of research at the same time, has published more than ten, two of these research results are listed in the "zhongguancun development blue book, cause huge repercussion in society.She to the identity of the people's congress, CPPCC member, through the investigation and study of the enterprise, for many of the opinions and Suggestions from grassroots, timely reflect the public opinion to the government at all levels, to create a good environment for the development of the private scientific and technological enterprise actively called for, is to have the deep theory, practice and participate in higher level and the excellent entrepreneur enjoys a high prestige.

Vice President

Age group co., LTD. Vice President

Age group executive vice President: Pan Yanming, tang rong, zhai wave
Vice President: speed, wu qi meng qing, Gao Aibiao, Liu Weiping, BaoYunJie, JinZengYong

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