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Age group company profile
Age group co., LTD. Was established in October 1984, founded by Peng Weimin, Wang Xiaolan a batch of scientific and technological personnel, is the earliest established Beijing zhongguancun area, mechanical and electrical industry pioneer of the modern high-tech manufacturing enterprises in our country.
Age group, adhering to the "self design, work together, to create excellence" development purposes, always adhere to the "domestic first-class, the world's advanced", "not only, but should first" product development objectives, "outstanding high technology products, reassuring quality, make you satisfied service" the quality policy, after nearly 30 years of unremitting efforts, has now developed into has 2 billion yuan of assets, 8 holding companies and more than 30 sales subsidiaries and offices, staff of nearly 2000 people, products involved in instrumentation, welding equipment, testing machine, distribution automation, robots and other high-tech industries in the field of economic entities.Has a state-level technology center and post-doctoral mobile stations.Company in 1995 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, is the first Chinese welding industry through certification of enterprises.In addition, the company has 2008, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification (OHSMS18001:2001).
Beijing instrument industry era of peak technology co., LTD on instrumentation products belong to the domestic first-class, the world's advanced level.Use TIME ® brand covers all product model, after 20 years of unremitting efforts and accumulation, has the portable instrument measuring hardness tester, roughness tester, rockwell hardness tester, vickers hardness tester, shaw hardness tester, ultrasonic thickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector, coating thickness gauge, such as vibration is twelve series nearly hundred kinds of models.At the same time, the Beijing times the peak of science and technology co., LTD., to domestic and foreign market sales material testing machine, impact machine, spring testing machine.TIME ® brand of portable instrument is "Beijing famous brand product".Era's hardness tester is the domestic first, become a milestone in the history of Chinese historical hardness testing.Era roughness meter is the current domestic most advanced, the most complete of function testing instrument.Era brand portable instrument product successively obtains the title of national new product and included in the national torch program, exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world.TIME ® portable instrument is the most similar products at home and abroad market, most users use Chinese brand products.
Age is mainly engaged in welding inverter welding machine industry, large welding equipment, CNC cutting machine development, production and sales.2006 companies listed in shenzhen stock exchange share transfer agents system, become the first listed company in the welding machine manufacturing industry in China.Age of electric welding machine products through the national "3 c" certification and for many years been rated "Beijing famous brand products";Pioneered in the field of domestic welding machine 2003 digital DSP technology, occupied the commanding heights of the domestic welding technology, the era of domestic sales of the first welding inverter.For many years, the era of welding machine for the electric power, water conservancy, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical, Bridges, oil and natural gas has ensured the quality of construction and many other industries, and in "the three gorges project", "south-north water diversion project", "Olympic venue construction" and so on has been widely used in key projects, and bulk exports to more than 40 countries around the world.Era company spend hundreds of millions of yuan in jinan high-tech development zone construction of the world's most advanced annual output of 300000 sets of welding machine manufacturing base, the base will be officially put into production in 2013.Age since 2004 into the large welding welding industry, the development and production of complete sets of equipment, the age of the all kinds of automatic welding, CNC cutting equipment is widely used in wind power, boiler, pressure vessel and petrochemical equipment in various fields.After continuous exploration and research, the era of welding robot product in Essen welding show in 2010, once the product is taken both market and the user's attention.With years of experience in manufacturing welding machine and auxiliary machinery manufacturing level, age of the reliability of the robot, integration capability, accessories supply can be effectively guaranteed.Era of welding machine industry is currently one of the largest welding technology and solution provider in China, the "era of inverter welding machine, the first", "welding inverter of The Times, Chinese brands; era, the expert choice".In October 2007, Beijing times technology co., LTD. Set up a new era of jinan science and technology co., LTD., the company is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the era, is mainly engaged in large welding equipment, welding machine, CNC cutting machine development, production and sales.Era of all kinds of large complete sets of welding equipment in wind power, boiler, pressure vessel, and many other industries has been widely applied.

Jinan assay group is age group's industry.Era assay testing machine industry is the national testing machine industry with the largest scale and highest market share of industry pioneer enterprises, (the main products are hydraulic universal testing machine, hydraulic pressure testing machine, electronic universal testing machine, friction and wear testing machine, horizontal tension tester, tester, dynamic testing machine series, large components) several times won the title of "combined, ministerial, provincial fine-quality products.Is the national 863 technology of CIMS application demonstration enterprises, in the only state-level technology center within the industry.Adhere to the high-end product development route, product innovation, gradually realized the serialization of products, quality, digitalization and automation.Hydraulic universal testing machine won the national silver medal, WAW series microcomputer control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine was rated as China's machinery industry famous brand product, fully automatic machine, relaxation testing machine, large pressure testing machine and other new products won the China machinery industry science and technology progress prize.Try gold (SJ) tester is rated as brand-name products in shandong province, the company has been identified as shandong manufacturing informationization demonstration enterprises, the national intellectual property pilot enterprises, China's patent shandong star enterprise, production-study-research cooperation innovation of outstanding units in shandong province, jinan innovative companies.In 2010 the company invested 180 million in jinan economic and technological development zone built machine industry, China's largest and manufacturing capacity of the world's first modern enterprise.Company covers an area of 68000 ㎡ (68000 acres), including research and development office area of 11700 ㎡, with casting, heat treatment, spraying, big, affix, axle, electric, oil source, host, debugging and other 10 production lines, all kinds of large-scale CNC machining center, special machine tool equipment 131 units (sets).Company to develop the Chinese machine manufacturing industry as own duty, trying to catch up with the world advanced level, to achieve "era as the tester, the first" Chinese famous brand "the grand goal of unremitting efforts.
Jinan times instrument industry, assay instrument co., LTD. Is age group, a subsidiary of an independent legal entity, was founded in 2003, leading products for the spring testing machine, static testing machine, torsion testing machine, automatic impact testing machine, high precision desktop hardness tester, electronic universal testing machine, man-made board testing machine and so on six big series products.The technology level of various series main products and market share over the years has always been a leading position in the industry, and has repeatedly won the national and provincial awards, 2007 was rated as high-tech enterprises, in 2008 was named provincial technical center.Company since was established aiming at "China's first-class, the world's advanced product development goal, its own provincial technology center and the advantage of spring testing technology center, successfully developed the world's advanced level of the product, in the aspect of the production process is the only machine production line, realized the key parts from casting, heat treatment, spraying, affix, axial, electrical, host, debugging, etc. The whole process of manufacturing.
Age of condiment industry, the jinan fragrance diet food co., LTD. Is the old enterprises, is China's seasoning association director unit, shandong province condiments professional committee, President of the unit.Over the years, the company always adhere to market-oriented, strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by science and technology, the traditional production technology combined with modern science and technology, continuously research and produce the high quality, products can satisfy the different levels of consumer demand.At present there are four categories of products supply market, more than one hundred varieties.Company on October 25, 2003, the implementation of the new national standard, and passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, is the only company in jinan production condiment enterprise through the quality system certification enterprises.Company production of "DE xin" brand soy sauce and the sweet bean sauce in 1997 won the "national food industry famous brand product" title, 2002 juice five grain vinegar, soy sauce, refined flour paste won the first of the condiment industry in shandong province ten big brands ".In September 2002 by shandong bureau of quality and technical supervision awarded the condiment industry in shandong province only "shandong province quality management advanced unit" title;In October 2002 by jinan economic commission, the food industry association as "jinan condiment industry leading enterprise";In 2003, soy sauce, hoisin sauce of jinan city famous brand product famous product of jiangsu province.In September 2003 by shandong province food industry association named the "shandong province food industry quality management 10 demonstration enterprise";In 2005 was named the provincial food health level grade A standard enterprise;"Fragrance" in 2006 by the national ministry of commerce as the first "China time-honored brand".
Era of wind power industry, Beijing times melon states top mechanical equipment manufacturing co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of tower fan machinery manufacturing of private joint-stock enterprises, is the new 3 edition of the listed company.Company in May 2009 through the IS09001 quality system certification, in March 2010, pressure vessel, but also by the local government environmental assessment and safety assessment.The company covers an area of nearly 120000 square meters, the factory area of more than 70000 square meters, including welding manufacturing workshop 2800 ㎡, sandblasting, spray paint each 1000 ㎡, administrative office 2000 ㎡.Finished product stacking area more than 40000 square meters.Welding workshop has 4 production lines, design production capacity of 1500 kw blower tower above 300 units.The company will continue to work hard, play the advantages of group company, cast off the coast

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