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Actively participate in national key project construction, make contributions to economic construction

 era welding equipment to participate in China's west to east gas pipeline, and the three gorges project, the century of national key construction project of the south-to-north water diversion project;In the "bird's nest", "water cube", national stadium, five loose basketball stadium nearly 10 Olympic venue construction or renovation of contribution to the force.

 era ultrasonic flaw detector to participate in the national swimming center "water cube" the construction of Olympic venues, the games played an important role in the large-scale engineering construction. 

Yong bear responsibility, the pursuit of sustainable development of enterprises

 era in profits at the same time, responsible to the shareholders' interests, responsible for the staff, always abide by business ethics, production safety, occupational health, save resources, protect the lawful rights and interests of workers.

 positive enterprise economic responsibility, moral rules and legal responsibility, management, pay taxes according to law, expand employment, and the pursuit of sustainable development of enterprises.

 battle of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003, carrying out donated free of charge, and start the rapid reaction mechanism and the safeguard system of suppliers around the world for the society provides nearly ten thousand sets of infrared thermometer.

 organized staff donated to the disaster area, the company to the capital's heroic foundation contributions.

 2008 "5 • 12" wenchuan after the earthquake, the era of positive action, in the first place in the enterprise internal launched a donation activities, raise funds to support the disaster area.Also actively contact post-disaster reconstruction construction units, welding machine for donations for post-disaster reconstruction and prevent secondary disasters.

 in 2008, is China children and teenagers' fund, China women's development foundation, the construction of the museum of Chinese women and children work leading group office jointly awarded the title of "star of charity".

 2009, era infrared screening instrument to safeguard national strict controls of the a/H1N1 flu epidemic.

 in 2010, to the yushu earthquake disaster area donation.

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