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To perform the social responsibility Yong shoulder "Shared obligation"

For many years, the age group has been adhering to the "green future" for the enterprise concept, is committed to provide to the whole society "energy saving, environmental protection, green and safe" high-tech products and services, and promote energy-saving products are widely used in society.

Company involved in instrument industry and distribution industry and frequency conversion industries, both in research and development cycle, manufacturing cycle, or in the marketing and service, has been using high-tech product transfer and practice of the "science and technology, humanities, green" concept, with green, environmental protection, energy-saving high-tech products to serve the society.

Age will continue from research and development, production and manufacturing to sales and service of each link to improve efficiency, adhere to the green strategy, reduce the possession of resources and waste, the development of independent innovation and technological progress as a long-term strategy, fulfill their corporate social responsibility.



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