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Wind power

Wind power

Jiuquan Xinneng Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
Fan tower, more than 1000 sets of fan tower have been processed, and the overall operation effect is good
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Wind power industry
(Former Beijing Times Guazhou dingsong Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd)

Jiuquan Xinneng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (formerly Beijing Shidai Guazhou dingsong Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was registered in July 2008. It is a wholly-owned enterprise of Shidai group with a total investment of 50 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of wind turbine towers. The company is located in Beidaqiao Industrial Park, Guazhou County, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province.


The company covers an area of 62800 ㎡, including 52000 ㎡ of production plant area, including 2800 ㎡ of welding and manufacturing workshop, 1000 ㎡ of sand blasting and painting, 2000 ㎡ of administrative office room and 40000 ㎡ of finished product stacking area. The welding workshop has four production lines, with an annual capacity of more than 3000kW and 300 fan towers, 60000 tons.

The company has more than 87 employees, including 1 senior engineer, 2 engineers, 30 professional technicians, 6 full-time certified inspectors, 48 technical workers, including 30 pressure vessel welders and 11 administrative and logistics personnel. Since the establishment of our company, we have successively completed more than 300 sets of Goldwind 1.5mw/2.0mw/3.0mw wind turbine towers, completed Zhejiang Yunda 1.5MW, Huarui 1.5mw/3.0mw, Beijing new energy 1.5MW wind turbine towers, Shanghai Electric 2.0MW wind turbine towers, Yuanjing 1.5MW wind turbine towers, Mingyang 1.5mw/2.0mw, Huachuang 1.5MW and Dongqi 2.5MW wind turbine towers, and accumulated more than 1000 sets of wind turbine towers. The heavy-duty machines produced by our factory have been extensively tested. We have successively produced 17 sets of Sinovel 3.0MW for Datang north bridge wind farm and 67 sets of jf3.0mw for Tianrun Dabancheng wind farm. The overall operation effect is good.

The company has successively supplied to the owners of Gansu Power Investment, Gansu Longyuan, Zhongshui construction, Jiuquan Huineng, CGN, Tianrun, Shandong Luneng and Hebei Weiju. The products are distributed in various wind farms such as Guazhou in Gansu, Zhongning in Ningxia, Golmud in Qinghai, Jinchang in Gansu, Osaka City in Xinjiang, Mangya in Qinghai, Dulan and Dachaidan in Datang. It has won the unanimous praise of the owner and the on-site supervision, and has created good economic and social benefits.

The equipment provided by the company has been operating normally in the wind farm for many years with zero fault. It has won the honorary title of "excellent supplier" for many times. In 2010, it was rated as "excellent supplier" by Sinohydro Guazhou wind power company. In 2011, it was rated as "excellent supplier" by Gansu Power Investment Dingxin Wind Power Co., Ltd. In 2011, it was rated as "excellent supplier" by Gansu Jiuquan Huineng Wind Power Development Co., Ltd.

The company has successively won the "top 100 private enterprises in Gansu Province"; "Jiuquan enterprise technology research and development demonstration center": "tax contribution award of over 10 million yuan" and other titles.

Wind power
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