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Times welding industry Technologies AG was the second batch of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone of new technologies and products that certificate

Time of issue:2014-05--06
Recently, under the "Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone of new technologies and new products (services) identified management approach", the expert review, the City Commission, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Committee, Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, Zhongguancun CMC finds Beijing Times Technology Co., Ltd. and other 187 units of "submerged arc welding machine" and other products for the second batch of 348 Zhongguancun National Innovation demonstration Zone of new technologies and new products; Beijing Times Technology Co., Ltd. won the second batch Zhongguancun National Innovation demonstration Zone of new technologies and new products (services) certificate. Beijing Times Technology Co., Ltd. The product was identified as "twin-wire dual inverter arc submerged arc welding machine." Submit Beijing Times Technology Co., Ltd. The company was established from the beginning of IGBT inverter welding machine has engaged in the development, production and sales. The company is now producing all IGBT inverter welder. For many years has become the largest inverter welding machine R & D, manufacturing and sales companies. The company's products are now forming a welder more than a series of dozens of product model, this new product is identified on the Beijing Times Technology Co., Ltd. R & D capabilities once affirmed.
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Era instrument industry to participate in 2014 in Henan Casting Association Annual Conference

Time of issue:2014-04--23
April Luoyang, scent the air, crowds, guests gathered. Casting Association organized by Henan 2014 China Luoyang Peony Festival at April 1 at Luoyang Grand Hotel kicked off. Forging industry friends from both inside and outside Henan Province gathered to witness the pace of Henan Casting Industry Endeavour sonorous. Because of Luoyang occupies a pivotal position in the development of heavy industry in Henan Province, and will also coincides with the period of the 32nd China Luoyang Peony Festival, so the annual meeting particularly lively, subject to the parties concerned, there are more than 100 participating enterprises, Nearly 300 people, the number of exhibitors, the number of associated companies Casting has increased dramatically in the last year basis. Conference room in the corridor, due on my company's booth showcased Leeb hardness tester, ultrasonic flaw detector, vibration meter, roughness and other new products, meeting in front of the booth is also full of people intermittently, has received special attention, of course, There are old friends, new friends are also on the development of our age group is also full of hope, hope that age group can produce excellent quality products for the development of casting and forging industry to make greater contributions. Through this exhibition, let me see the rapid development of the industry, casting and forging industry, intense competition in the industry, casting and forging industry is creating a dream business, but also a Ebb Tide industries, products are updated every year, the quality demands increasingly higher. Of course, through this exhibition, I deeply feel the brand's important to do at the show in addition to the product of our times, like Beijing Raflatac, age aspect, and many small businesses are also involved. It makes us think, in this era of rampant homogeneity, in order to prolong the life of a product market, strengthen the competitiveness of the market, must give this product into a certain culture, the world's only eternal is culture, as Our contemporary culture as "an outstanding high-tech products, the quality is assured, so you satisfied with the service." Despite the less time we display products, but the overall effect is very good, popular, especially new products by our customers love that age group's innovation capacity is relatively strong, but the service is not as good as before, I hope we Services can be more timely and really can do "outstanding high-tech products, it is quality assured, so you satisfied with the service."
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Era instrument industry held in Changsha, Hunan users

Time of issue:2014-04--22
March 21, 2014, coincided with the occasion of the southern spring rains, we get together with friends in Hunan Changsha New Horizon Hotel, hosted the 2014 era instrumentation Seminar. As the central province of Hunan important industry in recent years, the pace of development for all to see, particularly in the railway, automobile and engineering machinery in the country occupies a prominent position. However, on the one hand due to sales in the region in recent years, did not reach expectations, on the other hand the company's new strategic plan, set up the instrument specialty retailer sector, focusing on the development of large customers. As an important form of marketing plan in my department held quality and efficient user imminent. About customer awareness of our company and products, most people feel that the era of companies have set up three decades, and a mention of the times, the customer must know ah. In fact, due to the extension of our product line widths, customers who change of use, as well as information on some of the intricacies of new customers encounter online, we are in the hearts of many customers are unfamiliar. In this product update cycle testing instruments relatively long industry, the so-called brand, we must let customers know you as much as possible about this company, you have to know what products, and, for your company and products are relatively more trust and plenty of enthusiasm . For these situations, especially for this market in Hunan, multi catch large customers, and more grasping industry, is a way to do more with less. At the end of 2013, when, according to each horse always on market conditions, we arrange for users to deploy after the Spring Festival. Changsha market conditions, the total existing customer relative to other markets, is relatively small in recent years, has worked with customers, but also relatively small, at the same time, I am also the first time to organize such activities, I filled activities expectations, but also felt a lot of pressure. Ma sum colleagues have given a lot of help from the preparatory work to the meeting to ensure the success of the conference, held valid. Ma always on the user experience is very rich, a guide to help me out a lot of details, for example, a correct understanding of users, the goal of what is, what you want to achieve an effect; against a big market, how users will Which customers are slowly filtering your really big customers, core customers; for different types of customers, how to invite; why should the customer's hair as a single receipt; after two days before the conference phone to verify the situation, and meeting customer Tracking understanding and visit, Ma always have done a detailed explanation on some points, but also gave me a special column analyzed by a number of cases. March 21, 2014, the meeting was held as scheduled in Changsha New Horizon Hotel, conference equipment sales have Blue Ocean Products Technology Ma Ho sum total auspices. Attended by nearly thirty clients from the region concerned, not just a customer, Changsha, as well as customers from Loudi, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Hengyang, automotive, metallurgy, materials, research institutes, industry, construction machinery, building materials and other industries.   The meeting, the first overall by the horse to the customer made an important speech on the development of my age group made a presentation on the company lead the industry trend and become the world's leading companies doing development goals set forth passionate for users Market information is more concerned about the chaotic situation made vivid and clear explanations. Let customers know a real, comprehensive era, understanding more than an innovative, enterprising tech era. Subsequently, the product technology department where the total in technology and applications to give you a detailed report wonderful. The company made a presentation of new products, especially ultrasonic thickness and roughness of the application, because the problem is with a lot of customers came to the scene, and even forty-five customers are going live with the workpiece, He always through PPT and video products as well as on-site exhibition, the era of high-end customers to complete a first-hand experience. Not only allow customers to understand age products, but also make a lot of use of the product who had an on-site professional training opportunities. This activity, we live demonstration of many products, and customers do a live demonstration and workpiece measurement site for the customer site to ask questions, we are all doing a detailed answer. The atmosphere is very warm, there are a few customers have asked, you did an office in Changsha, necessarily also invited to so many customers to participate ah! During the course of the meeting, we also held a lucky draw, exquisite small gifts, active atmosphere of the meeting, to narrow the distance between us, lucky smile filled, others are very p
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Machining Department Quality Trustworthy peak times of the team to get the machine Quality Association "push national best" award

Time of issue:2013-07--31
July 1, 2013 ---- July 4, quality team of quality management team and representatives of the thirty-second General Assembly of trust National Machinery Industry in Kunming, Yunnan Cloud Security Council are held. From the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, joint ventures and private enterprises of more than 200 units of more than 800 delegates attended the meeting, at which about 50 trust the quality team, 300 QC teams in seven sub-venues were published synchronization results. July 3 morning, Zhang Weide president presided over the National Machinery Industry thirty-second "double generation will" General Assembly. Conference presentations were delivered outstanding team, work reports, awards and other recognition. Ministry of Machinery Industry Shen strong early, Lu Yan Xun minister to visit the meeting and delivered an important speech. Peak times of the company, Technologies AG, Jinan Instruments, Jinan new era in the company, Jinan Test Group companies a reliable quality team, six QC research team, in their respective sub-venue for a wonderful show. Results: In the "Create a happy type of team culture build era trustworthy team" as the theme, the first team to participate in the quality of trust results published in the peak of its machining team, with a total score of eighth-place finish was the "Quality Trustworthy team" a Prize; and enter "Thirty Second Quality Trustworthy team will publish the results of national machinery industry push national best list" (taking the total score top 15). The peak of the Department of Biotechnology Companies "united" QC team Technologies AG "through time and space" QC team, Jinan Instruments Department of Materials QC team, Jinan new era in the company, "the era of innovation" and "Mastermind" two QC teams, were given first-class Award. Jinan Test Group Company "quest Endeavour" QC team won the third prize. In such a large-scale enterprise dominant, strong competitors such as Lin "double generation will" live, Times Group in Beijing, Jinan two delegates to learn, communicate, gain a lot. Issues such as the choice of the depth and breadth of knowledge on the published form, technique (sound, light, electricity, animation, anime, music and other multimedia technologies) understanding of the connotation of the outstanding integrated enterprises perception. Meanwhile, the company released the results of six representatives wonderful display, good publicity the Times Group's strength and culture. In particular, the company is the result of peak quality machined part trustworthy team of publication, full transfer "user" satisfaction team-building purposes, in full control of product quality, product delivery, device security, site management, production safety, etc., while highlighting the "everything was tubes, everyone something pipe" team full participation in cultural and emotional intelligence to build. Demonstrates gratitude, devotion, unity, hard work and innovative spirit of the times. The team results were published after completion of the assessment team leader immediately got high reviews. After several rounds of selection of the expert group reviewed, Feng Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing machining era "reliable quality team" won first prize in the eighth to score and get the machine Quality Association "push national best" award.
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